Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Caution: May contain Americans

I have watched in gaping horror as mass killings in the USA seem to have become a weekly occurrence, differing only in degree since the slayings in Newtown. Prolonging this travesty, I see that American gun clubs are shrilly screaming that their rights will be trampled if they are not allowed to own assault weapons. Weapons made for the sole purpose of killing human beings by profiteering arms manufacturers. One shouldn't blame the arms manufacturers though. The only reason they stoop to making these assault weapons is because they aren't allowed to sell grenade launchers and nerve gas to the general public.

The Americans, by and large, seem to be persuaded by gun clubs that not only is it their right, but their duty to have an arsenal of murderous weapons to protect themselves from 'these insane killers.' Maybe 'belief' is a better word than 'persuade' as is evidenced by the unquestioning obedience of their followers and a parroting of every utterance from Wayne LaPierre, the CEO and spokesman for the National Rifle Association. May God help you if you criticise these beliefs. You would be launching a "hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution" by attacking their second amendment right to bear arms. Never mind your first amendment right to free speech. You're probably just a damn foreigner anyway. 

The American contagion: the dogmatic belief that the only way to cure mass shootings is to get more guns is like treating a rotten foundation by adding termites. Their ability to maintain these dangerous beliefs in the face of contrary evidence is astounding. They are unable to see that by making it easy to purchase assault weapons for themselves as protection against mostly imaginary threats, they are creating real threats.

I propose we limit this contagion. Those of us living in the rest of the (real) world need to put up barriers. To protect us and keep this toxic culture from escaping, Americans travelling internationally should be subjected to extra security measures at their point of departure and a psychological evaluation. This would help ensure that, if given the chance to leave the USA, they won't try to infect the rest of us with their warped values. Every international flight which originates in the USA should have a warning sticker attached to the cabin doors, "Caution: May contain Americans."

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